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Turner Browne co-produced, co-directed, and filmed The Quotable Woman Speaks. Before getting into cinematography, Turner was (and remains) a still photographer. His work has been exhibited nationally and is in several collections. Two monographs of his work have been published: Louisiana Cajuns/Cajuns de la Louisiane (1977: University of Louisiana Press, Baton Rouge), consisting of 77 photographs documenting the rural Cajuns of Louisiana.; text in English and French.  The Sunflower Foundation of Santa Barbara, CA, awarded Turner a grant for the project.

In 2000 the negatives from Louisiana Cajuns were donated through a trust to the permanent collection of the Library of Congress; the second book is The Last River (1993: University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, AK), consisting of 67 photographs documenting the disappearing lifestyle along Arkansas’ White River and the damage done to it by the Corps of Engineers. Recently, director Jeff Nichols has spoken of how those photographs inspired his film, Mud.

Turner is also the co-author of Photographic Artist & Innovators (1983: Macmillan, NYC), which contains brief biographies of over 2000 leaders in photography worldwide from 1839 to 1980, including curators, inventors, collectors and artists. 140 illustrations. It was the first international who’s-who in the field of photography published in the US.

His work has been exhibited at many venues, including a year-long tour of Louisiana Cajuns sponsored by the French Institute of New York City. Turner was the lead printer for the national tour of the John Kobal collection, “Hollywood Glamour Photography 1926-1949”; the exhibit contained 145 large prints in sizes as large as 4’x6’.

Other highlights of Turner’s career include: Director of Photography, Only Once in a Lifetime (1979: Esparza Productions, Los Angeles). Alejandro Grattan, Director. One of the first major Hispanic feature films. Screened at the Kennedy Center in NYC, it won honors at the Deauville Film Festival, France; he was also the cameraman on the documentary, The New Klan (1977: Shatz/Bingham Productions, Los Angeles), about David Duke and his attempted revival of the KKK. It was aired on PBS .

You can see some of his work at www.TurnerBrowne.com.

Turner Browne

Cinematographer * Editor * Photographer